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anaconda.org is a service that allows you to create and manage public and private R source packages. To distribute compiled R packages try using conda
For more information please see the Anaconda.org documentation.
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Install R Source Software

Download software from our cran.r-project.org mirror.

Every user has an index which can be accessed with the /USERNAME url suffix

> install.packages("PACKAGE", repos="https://r.anaconda.org/cran")

Don't want to install from source? No problem, download binary package with the conda package manager

Upload R Source Packages

You must first install the anaconda-client

# Build your package
 anaconda upload PACKAGE

Clone, create and freeze new repositories with Anaconda.org channels

Upload or install packages from custom channels. That way you can test code without affecting your users

anaconda upload mypackage.tar.gz --channel testing
 # Install packages from the 'testing' channel
 > install.packages("mypackage", repos="https://r.anaconda.org/<USERNAME>/channel/testing")

 # Error: package mypackage does not exist in the main channel
 > install.packages("mypackage", repos="https://r.anaconda.org/<USERNAME>")

Fork packages from any other user. You can garentee that the packages stay constant.

anaconda copy cran/owther-package/1.0 --to-channel testing
 > install.packages("mypackage", repos="https://r.anaconda.org/<USERNAME>")

Lock a channel to prevent changes

anaconda channel --lock testing

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